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Subject: Angeline Kyba’s Show Opens    Tienes Que Verlo!  Animals and People

Angeline Kyba’s Show Opens    Tienes Que Verlo!   Animals and People

 Tienes que Verlo, You Have Got to See It.  Art gives the viewer a chance to see and contemplate another person’s view.  To quote Degas, ”  Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. “

One of the joys of life in Mexico is the close relationship with animals and in my show you will see the burro and the white norse which feast on the street as I return home the back way.  There are the iguanas who come to lunch on the red hibiscus near my easel, my silent company as I paint each day.  There  are chachalacas , butterflies, flying insects, grasshoppers five inches long; all are good models.   Animals have been an important part of art in paintings, sculpture, myth and story telling from the time of the cave man and ancient fairy tales and fables.   Animals in art have often been portrayed to represent humans or human traits, such as George Orwell’s pigs, but the animals I paint are animals in themselves, not reflections of human behavior.  Animals have been symbols in art but are also simply animals as part of daily life.  In Celtic art, animals were considered sacred and ancient gods and goddesses often took the form of animals.  I have reproductions of pre hispanic playful dogs from Colima, these must have been portrayed as how they were, playing.   Albrecht Durer’s rabbits, Franz Marc’s horses, Pablo Picasso’s bulls, Leonardo da Vinci’s horses, Rousseau’s lions, cave paintings of horses of Lascoux, France, Joseph Cornell’s birds, Jalisco artist Martin Ramirez’s horses; the list of animals painted and sculpted  is endless and fascinating.

”  Every creature in the world
  Is like a book and a picture
  To us and a mirror.  ”   Alan  of Lille

 I only have 400 words so come and celebrate Mexico in art as portrayed by an artist who came to stay and paint.  There are humans painted too and it is a fiesta and all are welcome.  Save the date!

Inauguration and Artist’s reception 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Thursday, February 7 at Angeline Kyba Studio, Cuauhtemoc 635 ,el centro, simply follow Guerrero, it is the same street or come by way of the new bridge at Parque Rio Cuale to Cuauhtemoc.   

”  He prayeth well who loveth well
   Both man and bird and beast.  ”   Coleridge

Angeline Kyba Studio is also open weekdays Monday to Friday 12 – 5 pm
Cuauhtemoc 635, Puerto Vallarts centro  angie@