a cross is erected on new construction during the celebrations of the church of Santa Cruz.

New construction, new cross, Puerto Vallarta


Mariachis de Jalisco

imageThis is an exciting time in Mexico. The music really began in ernest at the end of April in preparation for May Day. The church of Santa Cruz, the workers church,had already begun their celebrations with perigrinaciones, pilgrimages, they had set up merry go rounds on the street and taco, churro and other vendors were out in full force. Next came Cinco de Mayo, more music and this was followed by Mothers Day, music and festivities and celebrations abounded. We are also in the Fiestas de mayo as well as the Bougainvilla Festival and it really is a beautiful time with the heat beginning to be felt and the relief of the high season ending and the town beginning to return to its own people.

Music abounds in the month of May
Music abounds in the month of May