Painting the Charreada

oil on canvas  24×38″  Men get together weekends in the state of Jalisco and women get kisses and one is crowned queen.  I am back in my studio in México refreshing previous work and working on new ones, this is from a rodeo in Algodón.

enjoy art behind the scenes at my studio, Cuautémoc 635, Puerto Vallarta centro, 12-5 weekdays, please ring the bell.  And save the date for my opening fiesta December 19.image


painting José del Paso

imageoil on canvas 14×12″  I am getting my studio clean and in order for visitors.  It is now open 12-5 weekdays which means I am here and please ring the bell as the door is closed due to recent robberies on the street.  I will be installing track light on the first floor soon.  Returning to my Mexico studio has meant clearing up the jungle debris and damage, the bathroom cabinet collapsed due to termites, three light fixtures had completely rusted out and I found three wasp nests.  Although I am downtown in a city it is still a jungle out there.  This is from memory of up river in Yelapa 14×12″ oil/canvas  by appointment 222-4238

My studio gallery opens Nov

Dia de Muertos, Day of the Dead is the traditional time to re open in Puerto Vallarta.  The rainy season has ended, the heat is tolerable and there is energy and hope in the air.  Snowbirds return, visitors come to secure their places for the winter.  I return from my Canadian studio to open my studio gallery weekdays 12-5 at

Cuauhtémoc 635, Vallarta centro,  ring the bell.   http://www.angelinekyba.comimage

September Squirrel, painting in oil

I could title this Fall in Canada where the squirrels are dashing about hanging from branches and scurrying up tree trunks gathering nuts and seeds.  A delight to see and paint with their fluffy tails and big black eyes, do they recognize me?  I titled this a painting to see it it would show up better on google, it is  oil on wood, 8×8″img_0140

Charros de Cabo Corrientes, oil on canvas,

24 x 38″  I am refreshing previous works for my show which opens at my studio Thursday February 4 from 4 to 8 p.m. at Cuauhtémoc 635 (Guerrero) and this was at the rodeo in Algodon Valentines Day.  Young men of Jalisco.image