Angeline Kyba invites visitors


Yolanda’s portrait

I painted Yolanda for the second time and have gone back to the painting to re work the background. We did the portrait in the Rio Cuale Park and I focussed on her face so the background was unfinished and simply a jumble of woven bags and palms so now the bags are gone. I have done four portraits of people in her family, beginning with her grandmother, Margarita, because they are out and about selling their hand woven huipils, blouses or dresses, and are so friendly, talented and interesting and we all have a good time.

Artist studio

image.jpegThis is what my studio looks like after completing a painting, far left.  it is disorder and desmadre, chaos, as I work towards my show February 9.  Angeline Kyba Studio, Cuauhtémoc 635, Vallarta centro, welcoming visitors weekdays 12-5 or call 222-4238 and save the date Thursday February 9 from 6-9.