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Artist studio

Art on Calle Cuauhtémoc

Sweet Peas in the City, oil on canvas, 12×14″

Raven, oil on canvas, 8 x 8″

Michael, oil on canvas, 12 x 12″



Canvas stretched and gessoed and ready to paint

reversed a painting to paint on the other side today as countdown continues for my show february 13.

corner of my studio as countdown begins for my show feb.13

Corner of my studio jan. 11/14

Michago When He Was a Playboy

A former neighbor went by and saw me painting and said that is Michago when he was a playboy and that will be the new title of the portrait it I did of Santiago in 92.  August in Mexico is very hot and sweltering and I am working on old work, cleaning them up, brushing  off the spiders and dust and making changes too.  I had printed a card of this portrait and it is my best seller, often people will call it old man of the seaImage

Painting Greta, day 2, third hour

Painting Greta, work in progress, second sitting

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